A Darker Shade

Belgium chocolate mud cake/nuta crema/cocoa glazed/crushed honey comb...


The Last Mango in Paris (gluten free)

Orange and black quinoa sponge /mango cream /mango glazed /salted coco rocks /marigold petals...


Donot Care

Banana cake /crème brulee /donuts /cinnamon glazed /kitty kat crumbs...


Sassy Berry (gluten free)

Raspberry meringue sponge /yogurt berry cream /pink cadillac glazed /strawberry rocks /rose petals...


Witty Waffle

Carrot cake /apple pie cream /salted caramel glazed /Belgium waffle /zesty orange marshmallows...


Green Tease (gluten free)

Matcha macaron sponge /lychee cream /green tea glazed /charcoal and chia gravels...


Hidden Passion (gluten free)

Coco sponge/passion fruit cream/white chocolate glazed/passion fruit rocks /pepitas...


Full Monty (gluten/dairy free/vegan)

Belgium chocolate and peanut cake/chocolate ganache /banana crème patissiere/chocolate glazed/rusty peanut brittle ...


Croquembouche Cakes (available on demand)

Each croquembouche will be garnished with: Gold shimmer Genuine 24 carats gold leaves Customised toffee frame with a message of your choice..


Three Tiered Cake (available on demand)

Choose your own flavour and size for each tier.Please note that for easy transportation, your order will be packaged into three separate boxes -- each containing plastic inserts so it can be easily assembled by our customer when it is received...

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