Life Collection

Le Nutty brownie
La pistache
Le citrus
Le Very Berry
La Pomme
Le Vegan
“les Crystals”
Mini Meringue
Energy Rock
Les “Wild” Chocolate Bars
seasonal muffins
Flan fruit torte
belgium chocolate brownies
banana bread
cocoberry fingers
cranberry and raw almond biscotti
  • Le Nutty brownie
  • Layer 1: Passionfruit jelly
    Layer 2: Chocolate Brownie
    Layer 3: Hazelnut Cream
    Decoration: Golden Hazel Nut crunch w/ Gold orange crouton

  • La pistache
  • Layer 1: Mango Cheek Jelly
    Layer 2: Pistachio Cake
    Layer 3: Pistachio Cream
    Decoration: Sour Cherry jam, Pistachio w/ Silver crouton and silver pistachios

  • Le citrus
  • Layer 1: Lychee Jelly
    Layer 2: Orange & Black quinoa sponge
    Layer 3: Lemon Curd
    Decoration: Blueberry compote w/ Violet Crouton

  • Le Very Berry
  • Layer 1: Rose Water Jelly
    Layer 2: Dacquoise sponge w/ Chilled soufflé cubes
    Layer 3: Raspberry Coulis
    Decoration: Ruby Crouton, Rose petals & Freeze dried Raspberries

  • La Pomme
  • Layer 1: Maple Salted Caramel
    Layer 2: Date/Ginger Sponge
    Layer 3: Apple Compote
    Decoration: Cooked Cranberry, white crumble w/ Ruby pecan

  • Le Vegan
  • *This product does not contain any animal products, or gluten
    Layer 1: Cranberry Jam
    Layer 2: Chocolate & Peanut Brownie, orange blossom flavoured sultanas & Peanut butter
    Layer 3: Copper Peanuts, chocolate crumble & Chocolate ganache

  • Marshmallows
  • These marshmallows are low in sugar (50% Less sugar than the traditional types),
    gluten free, dairy free and come in a variety of original flavours:

    Green Apple
    Rock melon
    Strawberry Fairy Floss

  • "Les Crystals"
  • Reduced sugar, gluten & dairy free.

    “Viennese style” pecan, peanut, hazelnut and pistachios are available in 60g bags to eat on the go.
    – Raw pistachios (Silver)
    – Raw Hazelnuts (Gold)
    – Raw almonds (Copper)
    – Raw Peanuts (Copper)
    – Raw Pecan (Ruby)
    – Raw Walnuts (Mauve)
    * Freeze dried raspberries also available in 20g bags

  • Mini Meringue
  • A much loved Classic that we have lowered the amount of sugar (50% less sugar than traditional meringues) that are also gluten dairy free.

  • Energy Rock
  • The perfect snack for an everyday energy boost.
    Containing 16 different elements including; dates, almonds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, hazelnut and many more.

  • Seasonal Muffins
  • Freshly Baked Muffins, with flavour variations dependant on the season.

  • Flan fruit torte
  • Freshly baked with seasonal fruit.

  • Belgium Chocolate Brownies
  • Containing no gluten, no dairy and reduced sugar, these Decadent Belgium chocolate brownies come straight from the pastry kitchen.

  • Banana Bread
  • Gluten & dairy free, with reduced sugar, fresh or toasted.

  • Cocoberry Fingers
  • Gluten & Dairy free coconut sponge w/ Strawberry jam and a hint of rose and freeze dried strawberries.

  • Cranberry & Raw Almond Biscotti
  • Gluten & Dairy Free!

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