“Vincent is well represented across all media from Print & Radio to TV. He appeared regularly on Masterchef 2012 Season 3 and 4 (most recent) as well as French Food Safari on SBS – hand picked by connoisseurs in the industry and regarded as Australia’s foremost in all things pastry and sweet.”

Baker’s Choice

Divine dessert with a heart of gold

“The core is liquid gold. And if that wasn’t opulent enough, the dessert is finished with a healthy smattering of 24-carat gold leaf and 60 Kimberley diamonds donated by celebrity jeweller Nick Cerrone.” Valued at $500,000 it has been named Australia’s most expensive dessert.

The Telegraph Saturday November 2 2013

Return to the classics

“Favourites including the tiramisu and eclairs are making a return on dessert menus across the country, but the pastry chefs breathe new life into them, writes Brea Carter.” “Vincent Gadan with his “Le kiss” cheesecake, a tiramisu style creation named “Da bomb” & “Le rouge,” a raspberry and rose mousse.”

Hospitality August 2014

“… dubbed the “New Prince of Pain” by Matt Preston for his technical challenge “The Essence of a Woman” set for contestants, the country saw the true passion and high degree of skill that was Vincent Gadan.”


“2013 was a stellar year for Vincent with his first cookbook “Homemade Patisserie” released that ranked among the top 20 pastry cookbooks in the world on Amazon.”

The Telegraph Saturday November 2 2013

Sweet success is music to Vincent's ears

“Maybe I’m mad. When the weather is beautiful, isn’t it better to be at the beach than to stay in front of a piece of sugar, non? wonders Bayswater Brasserie’s resident French pastry chef, Vincent Gadan. He recently sold his latest creation – a Stradivarius violin in sugar leaning against an elaborate chocolate picture frame covered in edible gilt and surrounded by shattered chocolate sheet music – for $ 1,500.”

Hospitality August 2014
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